Make My Website, when I was in Trouble with My Business!!

When I was start my business I thought what a big deal, I will build up it easily. I never think about the future. I started my handcraft business, and then I thought it will be easy. I was going through good; most of the people are interested about my business. Because it is a creative think, all things were made by creativity. Me and some people in my team, we were working together. They were helping me to make this hand crafts. There had no another shop of handicrafts. That’s why it was marketing quickly. Most probably one year my business was going good. I was happy with my business.


Suddenly there were another shop opened at opposite of my shop I was not worried about that. Because my business was already set up; that was my thought obviously. After few months my business was going down, I was losing my market and also I saw they were delivering their crafts to out of the city. I was thinking that how they were doing this.

These things were going on, I was discussing about this with one of my friend and he gave me one idea of online business.  He told me that hire a web design company and make website for my business. Then I was searching Web Design Company and I got it. I told them about my business and they created a website and they are maintaining this. They told me that they are using crm software dubai for my business health.

Now I get back my position on market and I also delivery my crafts to out of city. This idea of web design is fabulous. I think I will develop my business through the country with the help of website. And I am thankful to my friend to giving me this web design idea.

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Finding Best Way to Promote My Business

When I was starting my business nobody supported me; but now I build up my own business and everybody appreciated me now. In my study life as everyone I also thought that I would be doctor, engineer, or any govt. employee. But now I am not thinking like that. But now I am changed and my vision is changed. Oh, you are thinking who I am; I am not any special person, I am a normal guy, who can fulfil his dreams. I want to share with you my challenges that I got to build up my business and how I recovered this. In this way one of my friends helps me a lot and I am thankful to him. When I started my business it is a type of small business and I was trying to make this bigger. Because there have so many competitors in this market so I faced so many problems to building up this business. That time I had no support for this business, so I could not find any solution.


Suddenly one of my friends came to his home for holiday and we met on road. We planned to go for dinner. We went to a restaurant and we were talking about our life. We are college friends; I was happy to think that he remembers me after so many years. When we were talking then I told him about my problems that were going on in my business. I thought that if he can solve this out so I would be free this problem. He is in Software Company. He heard everything that I said to him. After finishing our dinner we went for a walk and that time he gave me solutions. He told me that according to my business condition its need to be promotion. So if I take seo service for my business so my business can be overcame. At first I had to choose best seo company India and then they can be helping me to promote my business.

According to him I choose one of the best seo companies in India and they help me to promote mu business. Now my business is elaborated properly and my marketplace is also very good. I am very thankful to my friend for this wonderful idea.

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